Manx National Anthem in Real Audio - Flag  Paul Moulton Tidewinder of Ramsey

Tidewinder is a Southerly 115, Series III, constructed by Northshore Yachts at Itchenor, Chichester. As Northshore's display boat, she appeared at the Southampton Boat show in 1997 - as well as at boat shows in Holland. She is registered as a British Ship by the Isle of Man Department of Marine Administration, and as such wears the British Red Ensign, defaced with the Manx Three Leg symbol.

Ramsey: Our Port of Registry

Tidewinder is active in the Irish Sea cruising area, eastern Irish Seaboard and the West Coast of Scotland - so watch out for us in any of the Irish Sea harbours - and especially favourites like Whitehaven and Bangor.  If you're about in Ramsey where we berth in summer or Douglas where we berth in the inner harbour marina during winter months, do say "hello".

If you want to make contact - or would like advice about almost any harbour in the North Irish Sea or Clyde areas, please email us

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